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Qi Slim 10W Fast Wireless Charger Pad

  • Product Item:JT-WT223
  • Category:wireless charging transimitter
  • Views:1648
  • Input:5V/2A,9V/1.67A
  • Output:5V/1A,9V/1.1A
  • Output Power:5W/10W
  • Feature:Ultra slim

Product Description:

* 5W & 10W,two output power for your choice;

* Ultra thin design,light weight and easy to carry;

* The indicator light use soft white light and night charge will not affect your sleep.

  The indicator light color can be changed according to your requirement;

* With good 5W and 10W fast solution,the working temperature is not more than

   43℃,stable performance is good;


* Input: 5V/2A,9V/1.67A

* Output: 5V/1A,9V/1.1A

Power conversion: >70%

* Transmission distance: <8mm

* Operating frequency: 100-200KHz

Product Size: 97*8mm

* Product weight: 70g

* Material: Plastic

* Main Description: 5W and 10W fast charging solution,support the QI standard devices with wireless charging receiver,single coil one to one charge;

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