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Roundness Aluminium Wireless Charging Pad


1.What's the special of this wireless charger pad?

  • High quality 5W solution,the working temperature is not more than 45 ℃, stable performance is good;
  • High compatible,support the Qi standard devices with wireless charging receiver;
  • High accuracy,single coil one - to - one charge;

2.What's the specification:


Input 5V/2A
Output 5V/1A
Transmission distance ≤8mm
Transmission Frequency 100-200kHz
Power conversion ≥70%
Shell Material Arcylic + black UV
Frame Material ABS+Baking Varnish(black, Silver,Gold)
Buttom Material Aluminium
Product Size 150*80*6.5mm
Net Weight 86g

3.How to use it for phone charging?

  • Step 1 : Connect the wireless charger pad with power supply via a piece of Micro USB charging cable,and then check the indicator light light up or not;
  • Step 2 : If your phone has built in wireless receiver,just put it on the wireless charger pad and aligned the charging area,your phone will shows you a charging interface; If your phone does not built in wireless charger,you should connect a wireless receiver first,and then use the wireless charger for phone charging;

4.What's the material?

  • Shell material : Arcylic + black UV finish
  • Frame material : ABS+Baking Varnish(black, Silver,Gold)
  • Bottom material : Aluminium

5.What accessories does it have?

  • Wireless Charging Pad * 1
  • Micro USB Cable* 1
  • User Manual * 1
  • Gift Box Packing * 1

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