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Wireless Charging Stand Charger



1.Wireless charging,protect the battery of mobile phone and prolong the service life of mobile phone;

2.Stand design,offering the best viewing angle;

3.Multiple protection,such as over-voltage,over-current,over-heating,etc;

4.Short charging distance,avoiding radiation problems to ensure human healthy;

How to charge?

  • Firstly, connect the wireless charging stand to power supply with a piece of USB charging cable;
  • Secondly,check whether the charging indicator light shows red or not;
  • Thirdly,put your phone on the wireless charging stand,check whether the charging indicator light shows blue or not;
  • Finally,please enjoy a  wonderful charging experience


1. Input : 5V/2A 
2. Output : 5V/1A
3. Charge Mode : Intelligent Recognition
4. Indicator Light : Blue LED
5. Product Dimension : L56*W58*H103mm
6. AC Adapter Input : 100-240V 50/60hz
7. Working Temperature :- 40°C--85°C                                                        

8. Main Description:  5W solution,Support the Qi standard devices ,single coil one - to - one charge 

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